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    My client has about 90 locations, all within the state of Kansas. When typing in just a city name for search (without a specific state) the search centers in the wrong state.

    For instance, if the user types in Columbus, the map centers itself in Columbus Ohio, not Columbus Kansas.

    I’ve looked through the documentation and forums, but I’m not seeing how I might change the situation. I thought for instance, that I might be able to limit the search to only locations a certain number of miles radius from the set map center, but I’m not seeing that option.

    Is this something that I need to get enhanced search to do?  I have enhanced results already.



    The reason why that is happening is explained in the documentation under Search features, Search Nearest.


    “By default the Google engine will take whatever address a users enters in the search form and find what it thinks the best match is for that address”
    I am guessing that Google figures that people mean Columbus Ohio because that show up in far more searches than Columbus Kansas. You may want to look at the add-on features of Enhanced Search that give you the flexibility to Search nearest.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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