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    I am running SLP 4.2.60 and with this release I can’t use the Search feature on the Locations administrator page to find a specific store. I have a number of the addons (Enhanced Map, Enhanced Results, Enhanced Search, Pro Pack) and even disabled them and I still can’t use the Search feature.

    Is this a known bug in this release?



    I’m having the same issue. This is a huge problem, as it basically makes it impossible to edit locations.

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    Same problem. Need this fixed ASAP!




    Same problem, plus I have another problem which I will write about in another post.




    The search functionality was fixed in 4.2.62
    Visit the Store Locator Plus Release Notes page for the full change log.
    4.2.62 (2015-June)

    Fix: Manage locations search filter.
    Fix: Manage locations sort order.
    Enhancement: New installs with a single location will zoom out to show that location and the home marker at the center of the country.
    Enhancement: First map load (without search) will not display the home marker. Further control over this settings is provided by Store Locator Plus Release Notes page.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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