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    I e-mailed about an apparent bug but was told it should be posted here, so here we go:

    Under the Store Locator Plus settings, under User Experience->Map, it says you should be able to use keywords like auto and inherit for width and height if you set the units to blank. However, if you set any of the units to blank, they’ll simply revert to their last setting, resulting in invalid CSS declarations like “width: autopx;”.

    I reproduced this on a clean WordPress install, both with version 4.2.67 and 4.3.00-RC-4 of the plugin. It’s not a huge problem as I got around it by using “width: 100%;”, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    Edit: The WordPress version was 4.2.4.

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    Thanks for the update, I see what you mean now. I will let the developer know. Thank you for helping us test these settings.



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