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    I am trying to show different TAGS on different pages.

    My list is clean and imported with ease.  I am using [SLPLUS only_with_tag=”dealers”]

    to try and show just “dealers” on that search page.

    It is still showing all items and all tags.  I checked and the TAG dealers is in the records.

    From what I read and the basis of the shortcode…this is possible.

    Please help



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    do I have to pay for support for something that should work?



    Jeremy, As mentioned in Read before Posting you need to 1) provide more information and 2) be patient, and 3) if you need an answer within a day because you are on a critical path AND CANT FIND INFO in the documentation then a surefire way to do that yes, would be paid support.

    I do not know if what you are trying to do “should” work based on the info you provided. Please provide the basic info as requested:

    First: Before posting, reference the SLP version, which add-on packs you have installed and anything else (such as custom theme) This information is required, without it the Store Locator Plus technical team cannot efficiently address your concerns. You can find all this information in the dashboard plug-in under the INFO Info

    /documentation/store-locator-plus/getting-started/features/#info“> tab, title plug-in environment.

    “Many issues are related to WordPress themes, other plugins, or even hosting provider settings for your site. When appropriate please provide information about your site. You should always include a link to your site when referencing a search form/map (front end UI) problem. Try to provide a link directly to your map page”



    I do not know if you have PRO PACk or Tagalong or Store Pages installed:

    Additional information about the Tagalong and taxonomy and Shortcodes structure:

    Also make sure you have not selected “Hide Empty Categories” unless you have STORE PAGES enabled.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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