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    Is there a shortcode that would pull in the map, but limit the number of locations to a single specified location?  What we are trying to do is offer directions to the company headquarters.

    Thank you.



    Hi John,

    Here is how the free Base Plugin Works…Getting Started

    If you only plan on having one location (HQ) on the map with directions then just add one location.

    If you have many locations that you want to have for internal purposes in the data set but not show to the customer then  you can hide any locations you add by marking them private.  A private location is a location that appears in the administrative user interface for managing locations but does not show up in the front end (public) in the  search or results.    A  check box on the location add/edit page allows you to mark any existing or new  location as private.

    You can try the demo and create an SLP site your self . Intro video about how to use the Demo.

    The Demo site (with add-ons)

    Do you have many locations that you want to display under the map and/or on the map but only limit the directions link to one?   That can be done with some add-ons and some trickery either by limiting results, , featuring the HQ result and limiting that, or modifying the results/ or map layout , or even redirecting to another page that has an Only_with_category and make HQ the category


    I hope I have answered your question.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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