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    I have purchased the Store Locator Plus Pro Pack add-on however I cannot see any option to display the tag within the actual results as well as the map when a user clicks on a pin.

    Do I need to purchase the Enhanced Results add-on to achieve the above?





    ProPack Tags
    You can have tags be shown in a drop down menu
    ProPack Documentation It shows you what you need to click on or off to have them appear



    Hi Cici,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have the dropdown activated in my search field however I would like to include the tags when a user clicks on the map and also within the results of stores. Is this possible and if so do I need an additional add-on to achieve this?




    You want the tags to be in the “info bubble” that appears but you also want it to be clickable and will it redirect to a page? and also make the tags in the results legend clickable, (to go to a url or? just to appear )?

    Do you want to show different icons/markers per tag or do you not care, because PrPack does not have individual distinct markers for each tag.

    That ability would be part of Tagalong.

    WIth Tagalong you can have a Per-Category URLs

    Every category can have a URL as well as a target window for the URL. When a category has a URL attached the icon will be linked to the URL when it is rendered in below-the-map results. The target window determines whether to open a new browser window or tab when a user clicks the icon.



    Correction you can have a different marker per tag on a location.

    But Tagalong provides per category so you could have more than one icon.

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