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    Just thought I should post here to help others like me, as no helpful result comes up for the search terms “SLP no map displayed”

    After the update to SLP 4.4.35 was no longer displaying a map in any browser, and the map boarder displayed full height but squashed to the left of the page.

    I found that in SLP Plugin Settings, Experience, Map, Appearance that “Map Width” was set to “0”.

    Once I typed in “inherit” back came my map to all browsers…



    Hi Steven,

    Could you provide your complete Plugin environment, including your themes, you mentioned you have CSS, what is your php versions  etc, (a screenshot of environment would be good. see the Posting guidelines)

    I am not able to recreate that issue with SLP 4.4.35 and the EXP 4.4.08 and/ or just SLP 4.4.35 on its own  without the EXP or any add-ons activated.  We want to get to the root cause if it is SLP issue or unique to your configuration or set-up or style

    There is an area about no Map displaying it is in the Troubleshooting section,   And alsd info on how to debug to isolate the issue.  We are revamping the documentation site so apologize if you were not able to find it.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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