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    The plugin is searching every country in the world. I have set it to ‘’ and centered the location as ‘melbourne, victoria, australia’

    If i search ‘camberwell’ (a location in Melbourne) I get a result from london.



    Need more info, per posting guidelines i.e your Plugin environment. What add-ons do you have? versions? Do you have Enhanced Search? Google doesnt think Melbourne Australia as the first place to look even though SLp has added as many bells and whistles to force Google’s hand, such as Discrete search . I dont know what Google has against Australia, but it was pretty much the number one reason the developer added an “append” feature to Enhanced Search

    The more info you require your site visitor to enter in the search form box the better Google is able to come back with the correct answer. Before anyone says, they searched Google Maps using Googles browser and it came back with different answer or result, all we can say is, yes, we know. And no, it isn’t SLP. Google has a different “proprietary algorithm” it uses to come back with a better answer and, no they do not let anyone else purchase, nor license that info. They update their own databases with correct lat/long and updates. But, as we found out. they have more than one database … premise is they skew the results (in my humble opinion) for their own inate reasons. Lance has written a few blogs and videos on the subject.

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