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    I have purchased Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search, and Enhanced Results for Store Locator Plus to be used on We use Store Locator Plus to provide users of our website to search for parks, bike paths, and farmers markets in their area via address, city, zipcode, etc.

    I was curious as to whether during the search a user could filter their results to being just farmers markets or just parks for example. I have color coded the types of locations via different markers but I was wondering if the searches could be sorted in order to make the map less cluttered if they user happens to live in an area where a lot of these locations are populated.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.




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    You can do what you are looking for  via ProPack using Tags, or Tagalong.

    Also, if you want less clutter you can also use Cluster Map Markers that is available only through a Premier Subscription

    Since you have bought a few add-ons, you would be entitled to a discount on the set-up fee.

    Product Buyers Guide

    I have attached a screenshot of Taglong “store category” manager…as well as example of Cluster Markers



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