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    I am running into the same issue now, but with the “Hours” field. I’ve got the latest versions of the SLP plugin (4.5.09) and the Experience add-on (v.4.5.08).

    I also noticed that the “Hours” field will not display at all unless the “Show Hours” field is checked under the results tab, even though I have the shortcode in Results Layout field. Seems like any attributes I put on this shortcode are overwritten by those applied by the plugin (store-locator-le/include/class.ui.php, line 883).

    Is there some way to overwrite these attributes?



    There have been some coding changes in the last two updates to SLP base plugin that moved some of the functions out of the base plugin and into the EXPERIENCE,/ POWER add-ons.Please refer to the changelog that is displayed under the latest news updates) post. I think the issue you see happened in 4.5.08 but 4.5.09 was released immediately afterward.

    I hope the changelog gives you some insight, unfortunately I am not a coding/ software/ developer so cannot get into the technicalities. I am splitting this latest post off since it is not the same exact issue.


    Do you have ProPAck installed? What is the site url?  (i.e info per Posting guidelines so we can better assist you)




    URL: http://elmers.staging.wpengine.com/locations/

    All plugins

    SLP Base version: 4.5.09 (latest)

    SLP – Experience: 4.5.08 (latest)

    The ProPack you’re referencing, isn’t that a legacy add-on that is now a part of the new Experience add-on? We did have the ProPack add-on (as well as the Enhanced Map & Enhanced Results add-ons) but have since deleted them since we installed the Experience add-on.

    The changes you referenced in the changelog were made on 7/11, 10 days before I installed the updated plugins so I don’t believe those changes would have affected this.

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    The issue is under the far right column of the results.

    Inside the Hours textfield I’ve added HTML (screenshot) but when the location is displayed on the page all of the HTML is stripped out (screenshot).

    As noted in my first post the Hours content will not display at all without checking the Hours checkbox even though I’m including its shortcode in the results layout (screenshot).

    It would be nice to be able to overwrite the attributes that are automatically added by the plugin (store-locator-le/include/class.ui.php, line 883)



    Hi Gavin…

    About the Add-ons and Legacy…ProPack did not go “legacy” until last week after updated to 4.5.08

    ProPack is not part of the Experience add-on. Experience has Anything that begins with the word Enhanced, and the Widgets add-on.

    Power Add-on  is ProPack,Tagalong,Pages,Contact Extender, Directory Builder. (we are having a sale for anyone using our legacy add-ons through the end of July 31., if you have  not received the invite we may not have got to you in the list and I will send you a special separate email right away (cause …well ..we thing you are!)

    You should still have ProPack available to you under your account., Install the latest version of ProPAck (which is 4.5.08) and that is what works with SLP 4.5.08 adn 4.5.09 …any CSS can be written with ProPack if there is a theme or the SLP Plugin style (documentation about the appearance layouts)that is interfering or overwriting  your display look under results layout. Results Shortcodes Documentation

    Those shortcodes for hours that you show , you do not need the word “raw” in that shortcode, that is the default “itsd understood”  with the following.

    [slp_location hours]

    The raw hours text, not HTML sanitized.

    [slp_location hours_sanitized]

    The hours text field with all special characters decoded using JavaScript text formatting.






    Gavin, I sent you an email about the upgrade as well. Let me know if this helps



    Thanks, Cici, modifying the shortcode as you suggested did the trick! Thanks again!



    Oh I am glad that worked, I was going down another path and was going to ask if you have Tables.

    I sent you a separate email as mentioned as well.

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