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    Hi Lance!

    I just noticed that I’m getting insecure content warnings on the icons/bulb png’s I’m showing. The warnings may have been there for some time, or triggered when we changed our CDN.

    The display is at:

    The console warnings are in the attached jpg.

    I’ve looked through the plugin code, but I’m not finding where the problem might be coming from. Suggestions? (I’m willing to do a little plugin hacking, if needed, knowing that it will get overwritten).



    Are you still experiencing this? If so, does it happen all the time? I just looked at your site and didn’t notice any warnings.



    Back last fall, I think I did a little hack of the plugin files (intending to come back to fix but didn’t get back–changing the path to uploaded png’s which were secured), which were of course, overwritten by the next update.  I’m still showing insecure content warnings (see attached file) for this page:

    They look to be the image files for the map markers.  Any idea how I can force the the plugin to use a more relative path without having to remember to re-hack every time?

    When we changed our style sheet for Google fonts to deal with insecure content, we simply removed the “http://”.  Maybe in the plugin files, you could change: “” to “”?  (I know it’s more complicated than that, since the domain/blogname has to be dynamically generated.)

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