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    After the most recent update our search form is showing city and state in the state dropdown. It’s identical to the City dropdown. Additionally, searching using just city, state or country have stopped working all together.

    Please see for an example.



    Hi Edward

    You need to provide information abut your SLP environment to get a correct answer. You find it under SLP > Info > Plugin Environment tab. Read more on the forum guide.

    Also provide information what SLP theme you are using plz.

    A common issue is that after you update you need to check the settings and re-save options again. Due to major translations changes in WordPress SLP have had to changed some basic options and this migh cause the change you see after your update.

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    Hi Piani,

    Thank for getting back to me. I went through all the settings and saved everything again. I’m currently using a css modified version of the Beside and Below Genesis (A). It’s called Music and Memory Genesis (A) and I’ve only modified the css layout. However after you asked for that I decided to test with the original Beside and Below Genesis (A) and it still has the same issues.

    These is my SLP environment. Thanks for your help.

    [8] => bcmath
    [9] => calendar
    [34] => cgi-fcgi
    [0] => Core
    [10] => ctype
    [11] => curl
    [1] => date
    [12] => dom
    [2] => ereg
    [13] => filter
    [14] => ftp
    [15] => gd
    [16] => hash
    [17] => iconv
    [29] => imap
    [19] => json
    [3] => libxml
    [20] => mcrypt
    [21] => mysql
    [4] => openssl
    [5] => pcre
    [26] => Phar
    [24] => posix
    [25] => Reflection
    [22] => session
    [27] => SimpleXML
    [28] => sockets
    [18] => SPL
    [6] => sqlite3
    [23] => standard
    [30] => tokenizer
    [31] => xml
    [32] => xmlreader
    [33] => xmlwriter
    [7] => zlib

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    You have the right SLP verson but I see you have old versions of all SLP addons. They all should start with 4.3.x

    Check your SLP account and look for the latest version if it do not upgrade automatic in WordPress. Pro pack should be the first to upgrade.

    Hope this solves the issue. Else reply after you have updated. Also remember to check and resave options since they have changed some. And you can try with a completley other SLP theme to test if this change this function but my best guess is that is someting with settings/updating Enhanced Search.



    Here is my current versions:

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.3.14

    Enhanced Map:4.3

    Enhanced Results:4.3.01

    Enhanced Search:4.3.01


    Pro Pack:4.3.02



    Thank you! That did the trick. I wonder why they didn’t show as updates available. Oh well, I’ll be sure to check them regularly.

    Thanks again.



    @ Ed

    The add-on Notifications were fixed to appear but you need to be in the Store Locator Plugin sidebar , because they are add-on packs and not available in the actual WP directory such as the base Plugin , the notification system in Wp queries once every 12 hours and goes through ALL of their base plugin notifications before getting to anything else. Lance has fixed it before and changes get made in WP versions and often the updates do not appear.  We always post on the Info and News Blog any new updates, and that also is posted on Twitter, that may be the easiest way for you to get updates (through RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter)


    Thanks for helping him out Piani!



    @ Ed

    If you haven’t had the opportunity to provide feedback on the WP site and think SLP deserves a five star rating, please do so. (If not let us know and contact us at support)

    There is a link in your WP plugin under SLP Info and also on our home page! at bottom of page it says:

    If you like Store Locator Plus please leave a ★★★★★ rating on A huge thank you from Lance and his fellow code geeks!



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