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    I use your plugin for long.

    I think it has more than 4 years old, right ?
    There is still no possibility to make it fully compatible with multilingual websites ?

    Allow users to change the “Find button” (after buying an addon) is very kind, but…
    where to change it with few languages ?


    Find the way to make this strings multilingue is not the easiest thing I did : Directions, Web page, Phone, …
    I already did this prowess by modifying your core code, long time ago… but I just lose it by auto-update your plugin… Maybe I forgot what I did or was thinking, maybe, now SPL+ is full compatible with multilingual websites.

    Maybe the way to do this is simple and I not seen it ?

    If not, do you plan to make it multilingual ready, one day ?

    If I miss something, I will be happy to know…

    I use WPML.

    Thank you for considering my request.



    Sorry, I forgot to say that all, my WordPress and all plugins are up to date.



    Hello again,

    Finally I was able to translate Find button and some Labels by deleting all my old translation in WPML and running your Janitor addon (I was searching a way to reset SPL+ and I found it, so…).

    I’m just not able to translate only one label : “Directions”, I think about a bug with WPML. I’ve report it in a different topic :




    Hi Nicolas,

    If you followed our news and  info blogs and searched the posts, you will see that WP changed and this WPML…nothing stays the same as technology changes.

    Documentation on Translations

    Additional info and background


    I answered your other post and requested your plugin environment




    SLP 4.4.28 (pre-release being worked on ) has a new method for trying to set the path that is supposedly better at following symlink installs.

    According to our SaaS development team (international based WP gurus) this works in the plugins they’ve developed so it should not cause any new issues; however with 20,00 active sites it may break something for someone.
    Lance would like to invite you to test 4.4.28 pre-release when it becomes available.



    Can you update to SLP 4.4.30, there is a change in how the translations will be done.

    If it doesnt work you can always downgrade, but see the video





    are you using WPML?

    If so this request in from the developer…” help me test WPML in the base plugin while I’m developing SLP 4.5.07 this week.

    I’ll put out a prerelease soon.

    Quick testing and feedback wanted.  I want to push 4.5.07 public before I go offline 06/20 for a week.

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