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    About a month ago I posted an issue we had with the latest update at that time breaking the discrete drop down search on our site. That thread was closed to new comments but can be found here.


    In the thread I was told the issue was to be addressed in a future update. I’ve just got around to updating to the latest version of the plugin along with the pro-pack and enhanced search,map & results. Unfortunately I’m still in the same boat and the update didn’t fix the issue.

    We want to use discrete drop downs for State/Province or Country. We also don’t want to use a search radius. If I setup the appropriate search selectors as discrete only I get no results. If I set them up as both discrete and address I get results but only if the address input field is enabled. If I disable it, again no results. Also, I must have the radius set to “Use only when address is entered” to get results. if I disable the radius, again no results.

    There seems to be an interaction between all these settings which breaks the functionality I used to have before. For now the attached screenshot shows the settings in the only configuration that gives me the operation I had in the past.

    I’m hoping I’m missing something in the way these settings are configured that is causing the problem.


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    Brian, Could you provide an update of y0ur plug-in environment again please?



    Store Locator Plus Version:4.2.67
    Enhanced Map:4.2.09
    Enhanced Results:4.2.07
    Enhanced Search:4.2.09
    Pro Pack:4.2.15
    WordPress Version:4.2.2
    Wite URL:
    MySQL Version:5.5.21
    PHP Version:5.3.10
    PHP Limit:256M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:40 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:40M
    PHP Modules:

    [26] => apache2handler
    [7] => bz2
    [8] => calendar
    [0] => Core
    [9] => ctype
    [27] => curl
    [1] => date
    [28] => dom
    [2] => ereg
    [23] => exif
    [29] => fileinfo
    [11] => filter
    [12] => ftp
    [30] => gd
    [13] => gettext
    [14] => gmp
    [10] => hash
    [16] => iconv
    [31] => imap
    [32] => json
    [3] => libxml
    [33] => mbstring
    [45] => mhash
    [34] => mysql
    [35] => mysqli
    [4] => openssl
    [5] => pcre
    [36] => PDO
    [37] => pdo_mysql
    [38] => pdo_sqlite
    [39] => Phar
    [17] => Reflection
    [18] => session
    [20] => shmop
    [21] => SimpleXML
    [22] => sockets
    [15] => SPL
    [19] => standard
    [24] => tokenizer
    [40] => wddx
    [25] => xml
    [41] => xmlreader
    [42] => xmlwriter
    [43] => xsl
    [44] => zip
    [6] => zlib

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    There is a 4.3 major release coming out with patches being tested. This has been the main prioroty and taking precedence atm.  It is my understanding  that this upgrade is  needed to improve the add on packs ,so there will be  less dependency on updates to the base plug in and vice versa.  Lance will make the announcement once it is ready. It is a major undertaking.



    Thanks for he info Cici. I’ll wait for the next update and see if it fixes our issue.



    Brian, If you would be willing to assist or are interested in the progress:

    You can download the pre-release and help us speed up the testing of 4.3 Just make sure you don’t download it on your Live site. Lance is still working on a customization product and something for a Premier update which is prioritized accordingly. We are still aiming for by end of month. But a lot of testing remains.

    The SLP pre-release is at bottom of page. We are on alpha.oo6


    If you would like to help you can be added to the Slack channel for store locator plus by listing the bugs direct to me or developers as they are pertinent to the pre-release.
    In either case thanks for hanging in there.


    Lance Cleveland

    Tested and patched in 4.3 and the add-on packs.

    SLP 4.3 and add-on packs are going to be published week of August 17th.

    Release Candidate (RC) prerelease copies are available today for download from your account on for most add-on packs.

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