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    Good afternoon all,

    We are in the process of migrating a clients site over to our servers using BackupBuddy.  For the most part, everything looks great.  However, SLPLUS no longer works.   We just get a 404 page.   I tried creating a new store locator page, tried deactivating and reactivating, also tried changing the permalink settings in WordPress.  nothing seems to work.  Any thoughts?



    Have you checked the trouble shooting documentation page? There are some suggestions under that topic to try. Is it possible that there is a conflict between your web server and domain? Please let us know if you find resolution to this problem.


    If it is still problematic and you need specific individual attention:



    Hey Cici,

    Thanks for your reply.  I’ll look through that link.  I’ll be honest, Im not that great with WordPress.  Right now, its just in testing at the moment and im using host file to point me to the right server.  the website comes up properly (minus the few hardcoded links that I need to change).

    I even tried deleting the plugin and re-installing it.  then I created a new page and I still get the URL could not be found.



    I am by no means a Word Press guru, totally a newbie. Pretty much what I have learned has been through experimenting on my own and reading through the documentation. Lance is in the middle of development right now, but he is the guru for SLP and many other topics when it comes to anything IT related. You might want to talk to the Back-up Buddy team as well.

    additional information from Lance’s Blogs if you have time. /mindset/news-and-info/


    Lance Cleveland

    The 404 error is on the admin side or the front end?

    If it is on the front end your have an issue with the page containing the shortcode having an incorrect permalink or URL settings.

    If it is the admin page you have not setup your domain URL properly after migrating.  You may be able to change that via the General Settings tab in the admin panel.   Most backup/restore solutions will change all the domains in your URLs, including in plugin settings, if you use the backup/restore tool properly.   It saves a LOT of headaches.

    I would suggest trying the backup/restore process again and ask the restore software guys how to specify the new domain along the way.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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