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    i had the pages addon, but now i wont to change the page template that the plugin use as default.

    on my theme, it use a blog template, with the sidebar, an special header, also with a space with the comments (if they are closed, it show the comments are closed)

    But i cant change this page template because is working on the blog sections.

    Where i can locate where the plugin choose the template to change it??





    Jaime, I do not understand your question:
    For better support please follow the Read Posting Guidelines and provide your Plugin Environment and other pertinent info. Additionally there was a recent post under SLP News Pages addon fixes



    Thanks Cici for the links.

    Actually i got WP 4.3.1, STP 4.3.13 and STP: Pages 4.3.02 (i had 4.3).

    Sorry about my last post, maybe i didnt use the correct word lost in the translation from spanish XD.

    Actually i want to personalize the “looking” of the STP pages, but not “<span style=”color: #60646c; font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, sans-serif; font-size: 15.008px; line-height: 24.2829px;”>Initial Page Features /Pages / Page Template” i have not any issue with this (like other persons as you explain in the link).</span>

    Im trying to personalize “outside” the STP page template.
    When i create a page of a location, it get the “blog looking” with the sidebar, with the “posted by … date: 00/00/0000…”

    The STP pages use my blog layaut?template? (i dont know the correct concept word)

    So my question is, where i can see where STP page select the blog template to change it to any other page template that my wordpress theme provide.

    Thank you!



    You want to customize your SLP Layout? That is CSS. That is included with ProPack

    Any shortcodes if used properly will function however you need them to.

    If you are modifying the WP theme that overrides the functions that is not a SLP issue. Store Pages doesn’t “select” the Blog template. You can work with shortcodes and /or your theme to modify the page template.

    For clarification we now refer to Store Locator Plus specifics as “styles” not to be confused with WP “themes”

    Watch the Tutorial video if visual aid is better for you. There are a few that would help you. The Playlist is in the corner of the video box.
    The first one on the Playlist is about the latest version of
    there is another one you can read about PlugIn styles# 12, there are others on CSS.


    Lance Cleveland

    That is a function of your WordPress Theme, not Store Locator Plus and the Pages template system.



    @ Jaime


    I hope the information we provided helped you make sense of the behind the scenes functionality.  I will be closing this post anon. If you have any more questions you can start a new thread  in the forum.

    If you haven’t had an opportunity to leave a review in WP store directory for the Store Locator Plus Plugin,, please click on the Link in either the SLP admin under INFO. or at the bottom of the SLP Home page to access the link. (see below) Thanks for your support.

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