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    We have been optimizing a couple of sites on a WP 4.4.2 Multisite network and have discovered that activating Store Locator Plus adds 10-15 seconds to the admin plugins page load time.

    Activating each one of these components seems to add about 3 seconds each to the admin plugins page load time for a cumulative total of about 10-15 seconds added to admin plugins page load time.

    Store Locator Plus 4.4.19

    Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Map

    Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Results

    Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Search

    Store Locator Plus : Pages

    Store Locator Plus : Pro Pack 4.4

    Store Locator Plus : Social Media Extender 4.4.00

    Store Locator Plus: Widget Pack

    Is the cumulative 10-15 seconds of admin plugin page load time an expected consequence of using these modules?

    The front end user experience is not similarly affected. Only the admin area.

    Debug bar is not reporting any errors.

    Debug log file makes no mention of Store Locator

    No Error logs are  being generated

    The qty of queries reported by Debug bar does not change significantly.

    Any assistance will be appreciated.


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    Hi Soo,

    Lance is working on revamping the Store Locator Plus interfaces and UI with add-ons updates specifically for the Multi sites . SLP 4.4.20 (being worked on now for pre-release)  may help resolve that issue.

    The issue is with how WordPress tracks plugin updates on multisite versus single sites.   On multisite it may mark an individual site as updated but if all sites , or the main multisite network admin is not up-to-date, it will re-query our server for an update for EVERY SUBSITE.     The 4.4.20 release should not do that, but it needs to be published and tested and may need further refinement.

    P.S. We have also noticed that many customers are using SLP add-ons purchased for one site, across many multi sites which, although is not prohibited at this time is not preferred. (Not insinuating that your company is doing that)

    Additional information on Performance issues within WP and PhP



    Hello Cici,

    That is a much needed improvement to eliminate these admin page load delays, especially in our case where we have so many plugins involved.

    We use Store Locator on one live site on a multisite network, but are currently building a replacement where we hope Store Locator will still be the client’s choice if this performance issue can be resolved.

    In the interim we have Store Locator active on two other development sites on the network that are not accessible to the public. One is for testing plugin combinations, etc. and the other will be the replacement site for the current live site when it goes live.

    We license hundreds of premium plugins across multiple MS networks for hundreds of sites and are diligent about purchasing developer licenses or an adequate number of licenses as required for the number of instances of live public use. I find the value of WP plugins to be exceptional in most cases and the developers deserve fair compensation for their work.

    The significance of the admin page load delay introduced when activating Store Locator became apparent as we optimized and compared the performance of the three sites to each other.

    We encountered a similar issue with the YITH series of plugins for WooCommerce and their licensing and updating system. Admin plugin page load times were VERY slow, but after reporting the issue to them they appear to have resolved it in a matter of days.

    I look forward to your solution for Store Locator Plus.




    Very good to know. I have informed Lance on this and he is working to resolve.  The SLP 4.4.20 is in pre release if you want to try it on your  development or staging site. He especially wants feedback from Multi site users. He noticed some issues on multi-sites not identifying that updates are available and that revealed an issue.

    The feedback on 4.4.20 would be very much appreciated as we are trying to test it on multi sites.  You can provide feedback here or send it via email to support

    Thanks again


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