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    My Store Locator Plus doesn’t work anymore after I updated it via the WordPress plugin update link. Whenever I activate the plugin, it makes the whole website blank!

    Can you help please?

    Thank you





    Please provide your Plugin Environment. I do not know what versions you are referring to. See Posting Guidelines

    2) Troubleshooting, if you recently updated you may have another plugin or theme that was not updated to use jquery 1.12 thus causing a conflict

    3)  This is NOT our shortcode….[STORE-LOCATOR]

    our shortcode is [SLPLUS]   if you have Store Locator installed you need to post in their forum.

    4) I see another shortcode on your web site that is not displaying…

    Something is disabling your short codes….I do not know what and I do not know if you have something else installed or what the situation is..i.e. .if you skipped a lot of updates and/or have outdated add-ons.


    Installed on my WordPress install:

    Store Locator Plus – Version 4.6

    Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Results version 0.8

    Store Locator Plus : Pro Pack

    The problem is: I updated the ‘Store Locator Plus’ plugin, and after updating that plugin, when I then try to active that plugin, it makes WordPress go blank.

    Store Locator Plus is the ONLY plugin that makes this happen.

    Can you resolve this problem please. The visible shortcodes are due to me switching off a number of other plugins. I would appreciate it if you could help me solve the issue please. Thanks.



    Oh, and forget the shortcode…  the issue (presently) is that I can’t even activate the plugin!! I will resolve the shortcode once the activation issue is resolved.




    Enhanced ???  version 0.8?? That is not compatible with any of the current SLP See troubleshooting section “CHECK YOUR  ADD_ONS

    That version is an antique and would not work with SLP 4.6, actually wouldnt work with SLP 4.xx anything and could make your site crash, try deleting it and updating to a current version that is supported.

    Please provide a screenshot of your plugin environment,

    We have never had this reported and cannot replicate it.

    See Troubleshooting guide ,

    It will guide you through the debugging WordPress steps

    We ask that you  provide a screenshot so we can see MYSQL, PHP, add-on versions (make sure that version you typed isnt a typo a typo) etc.

    If you wish to have a developer Log on and troubleshoot your site that is a paid support option. If SLP were making  everyone’s WordPress sites go down we would be hearing about it from ten thousand users.  Therefore I can only surmise it is something unique in your configuration or a conflict with  another Plugin or theme.



    Do I need to pay to upgrade the 0.8 plugin?  (SL Plus and Enhanced)?





    The Enhanced  add-ons needed to be  upgraded to be compatible with  SLP 4.xx of anything back a  a few years ago if I recall..So .yes you would need to purchase a new one.  The Experience Add-on replaces all the legacy Enhanced Products as well as Widgets  and is version 4.6.

    If you take the Hosting Survey you can request a coupon code towards it,. You can purchase ER but it is Legacy. It does work with the current version of SLP  but will not be updated beyond the version it is now.



    Hi Cici,

    Thank you.

    The client pressed the ‘upgrade’ button on the Store Locator Plus plugin by mistake. Everything was fully operational prior to this upgrade.

    Are you able to supply an earlier version on Store Locator Plus again please? I would like at the present time to restore the install back to where it was, and thus solve the issue in the short term?

    Cici – can you send me the link to the questionnaire please, so that I can consider the discount?

    Thank  you




    The hosting survey link is in my above answer and in the footer at  the bottom of the Store locator Plus home page., under Premier members (it is still open to the general community at this time) ..

    No we cannot support an old version of SLP for one customer. We have provided instructions on how to downgrade in Troubleshooting. go to the WordPress directory Store locator Plus plugin .Note: it is not recommended to downgrade , any  security fixes that occurred will not be present, and  depending on what version of WP they are running now as compared to before , we cannot guarantee compatibility .   I do not know what version they “used to have”  before upgrading so cannot advise you there. But the free SLP is maintained at the current version by the author/devloper.*  The release info for 4.6  of the base plugin and add-ons  here.

    * one person is  doing all the coding and bug fixes (see Posting guidelines) , I contribute a few hours as needed in support forums only.

    Note: They, or you as their intermediary, should always have a back up of your site.   If having a web presence is important to them as a business they should opt to pay the $8 a month or whatever the going rate is for one of many back-up services offered. You can research recommended back up on WordPress . WP recommends backing up  as best practice before updating their version upgrades as well

    They (or you) can purchase the Enhanced Results Legacy  VERSION 4.3.02  FOR $65 if they do not want to spring for the Experience or Power add-ons at this time. If they or you decide to upgrade to Experience a coupon  can be requested and  applied as long as not too much time has gone by.

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