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    I am testing Store Pages. To search (in WordPres search) stores name is no problem. But address and city seems to be invisible. It seems like WordPress only can see the SLPLUS tags and not the actual  output.

    Example: If I search for “Chicago” it should be several results but instead WordPress tells me that there is no content with that word.

    Can this be modifyed in any way or is this a result of the poor WordPress search engine?

    And when webbcrawlers (Google, Bing) see the Store Pages, is this invisible for them also or do they read the actual output (address, city)?

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    Lance Cleveland

    That is an issue with the WordPress search engine not processing shortcodes and putting them in the internal search engine.

    Spiders may see the full content depending on how you get to the pages per your site design.  If they are part of a pages directory that is reached via a link (even a dynamically generated link like those from Directory Builder) it will spider the entire content including expanded shortcodes.  If the pages are only found via executing a search they will not be found by the spiders.



    I tested today with Google search engine and it seems they also have problems reading the tags content. The result was the actual store name that is displayed in the Store Page h1 header (that wordpress creates) and the rest was just the tag names address, city, tel, fax etc…Not the acual content.

    If I visit the store pages I can read all content as intended.

    Is there some code that can be added to “explain” how tho read the content to the searchengines?

    Or is Im just testing this wrong?

    I am not sure how to dynamicly generate a usable menu to all these store pages. I can only access them from the WP panel for now.



    Checked the sitemap.xml on Google tools today and Google refuse to index the store pages. I still not have them in my WP menues but they are generated in my sitemap and should work.

    They seems to be insvisible for the crawler.



    Piani: Can you post the URL for the site in question?  Google does not always go full depth right away on every site it indexes. I did a search for “why hasn’t Google indexed my whole site” and found a lot of people are asking this. Its possible it is just a matter of time before the pages are indexed. The store pages are created using an almost identical structure to any other WP page or post.



    Thanks for the response and tips Aaron. I pushed the sitemap at my google webbmaster account and finally it crawled correct. All the Store-Pages are now up in the Google index.

    I also can search the name of the store on WordPress search widget. But the address is not searchable. The name seems to be hooked in the seachable post title. But the adress on the page is not searched for some reason. Maby just poor WordPress searchfunctions.

    I use WordPress + BetterSearch plugin.

    Example: If I search for “Life” (A business chain) I get several hits. But if I seach for “Göteborg” (town) I do not get any hits at all.

    This is not urgent for now just interresting to tweak the seaching. I will test other seach plugins.



    More tests from above post:

    It seems like the store pages “address” is invisible for Google also but the name is visible.

    Seach for “Life” (name) 3 hits

    Search for Göteborg (town) 0 hits




    I tested to use my plugin “WP All Import” and that is using the same information fields but convert the information to the raw text when creating the pages. This is searchable in both WordPress and Google. Maby this method can be used in SLPlus Store pages also?

    In the end of the week I will use this on our official page to create the store pages so the above tests will be incorrect on after 2014-12-05.



    I will make my store pages now instead with “WP all import” so the examples above will not be correct. I also want to use other SEO fields in WordPress that is standard on “Page” format.

    I suggest the fields in SLPlus Store Pages in the future use raw data instead of field names to create pages. This is maby not necessary for all users but I feel the searchability will improve in WordPress and webcrawlers like Google.

    Ex: [storepage field=”store”] [storepage field=”address”] is replaces by the acual “Store Name” + “Street Name”

    I understand this is a major change of the functionality and that I maby request more searchability than was intended with Store Pages plugin. Also my tests can be irrelevant for other SLPlus users.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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