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    I have Store Locator Plus /w Pro Pack Add-On and everything was working great on my site but I noticed some errors in my CSV file I add uploaded so I attempted to check all boxes to delete all of the locations from inside the plugin’s “Locations” page. Problem is that there were 4,900 stores listed to be deleted…What happened was that the page went blank and the page loading icon continuously spun indefinitely. I have tried logging out, deleting plugins and all data but nothing works – whenever I go back to the plugin’s “Locations” page – the page is still blanked out and the loading icon starts to spin again.

    How can I get it back to the point where I can import my newly edited CSV file? I don’t understand where the plugin is choking out at. Please help! Desperate to fix ASAP. 🙂



    You need to provide information abut your SLP environment to get a correct answer. You find it under SLP > Info > Plugin Environment tab. Read more on the forum guide.

    Lance maby have some other tricks to solve this but what comes to mind for now is.

    !!! First backup your WordPress site and database !!!

    First try the free SLP Janitor addon and see if you can reset it.

    If that dosent help manually use PhP admin and delete the posts from the table “store_locator”.

    !!! First backup your WordPress site and database !!!

    Good luck!



    Matthew, Please provide your Plugin environment, something is definitely messed up on your site, not sure what happened when so we need to know your versions of everything.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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