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    I’m a bit disappointed to find that the Pro Pack and Tagalong add-ons I’ve purchased seem to have some issues.  I followed the instructions for importing by setting all my csv headers to match the appropriate fields, including a “Category” header.  I have three categories, which I created in Tagalong’s category manager before the import.

    The functionality seems to work halfway – in the map, I have three different icon colors as specified, but in the backend store listing, the column where the textual name of the category should be for 2 of the 3 categories is blank.  For those same categories, the search form “category” filter does not work.  Selecting “all” categories however, will show all 3 categories on the map.

    I’m also a bit disappointed that there’s no way to bulk delete entries.  I have about 5000 locations and I can only delete 500 at a time when troubleshooting.

    Lastly, should I be seeing the category name in the results, as I currently only get an icon.  Or is that another optional add-on?

    Attachments show part of the store list where there’s an icon with and without a name and the category list (note the count on all is ‘0’).  edit: also just added a shot of the csv I imported with the headers shown.

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    Spending my own time on this, I was able to resolve it by deleting all locations and categories and re-importing (the same csv).

    I suspect the plugin did not like that the already-existing categories.

    Consider it closed.

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