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    For some reason I cannot get the Category Select Label to show up on the actual map via the Tagalong plugin. Instead the label is not there and the drop down box containing my categories has been pushed all the way to the left margin of the search area above the map. I believe I have the most updated versions of Store Locator Plus and all of the plug ins I have downloaded. Please let me know how I can fix this!

    Thank you,


    Plugin environment:

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.3.14

    Enhanced Map:4.3

    Enhanced Results:4.3.01

    Enhanced Search:4.3.01


    This Info Cached:1445462922

    WordPress Version:4.3.1

    Site URL:http://getfittogetherla.org

    MySQL Version:5.5.45

    PHP Version:5.4.45

    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:40M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:26 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:500M

    PHP Modules:

    [8] => bcmath
    [9] => calendar
    [48] => cgi-fcgi
    [0] => Core
    [10] => ctype
    [11] => curl
    [1] => date
    [12] => dom
    [2] => ereg
    [40] => exif
    [14] => fileinfo
    [15] => filter
    [16] => ftp
    [17] => gd
    [18] => gettext
    [13] => hash
    [20] => iconv
    [51] => imagick
    [36] => imap
    [22] => intl
    [53] => ionCube Loader
    [23] => json
    [3] => libxml
    [24] => mbstring
    [25] => mcrypt
    [27] => mysql
    [28] => mysqli
    [31] => mysqlnd
    [4] => openssl
    [29] => pcntl
    [5] => pcre
    [49] => PDO
    [52] => pdo_mysql
    [50] => pdo_sqlite
    [30] => pgsql
    [32] => Phar
    [33] => posix
    [34] => readline
    [35] => Reflection
    [21] => session
    [37] => SimpleXML
    [38] => soap
    [39] => sockets
    [19] => SPL
    [6] => sqlite3
    [26] => standard
    [41] => tokenizer
    [42] => xml
    [43] => xmlreader
    [44] => xmlrpc
    [45] => xmlwriter
    [46] => xsl
    [54] => Zend Guard Loader
    [47] => zip
    [7] => zlib
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    Hi Kirsten,

    Did my explanation on your other post provide the answers? I see that someone Glommed onto your post so it confused the issue a bit, I want to make sure I am understanding your question.






    I have attached some screenshots of both my map page and my Tagalong panel. If you look at the screen shot of the map you will see that the cascading dropdown box for the categories is left aligned with the labels for the “Address, City, Zip”, “City”, and “Within” and there is no label to the left of the dropdown list. You will see in my Tagalong panel that the “Category Select Label” does have an input, but it clearly does not show up on the actual map page. This is what I am trying to fix.

    Let me know!



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    I’m sorry, one of my screenshots did not attach..



    I’m sorry, for some reason it did not attach again. I’m very sorry for all the posts.



    I’m sorry…. the file size ended up being too big and the post went through anyway….

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    Its an either or thing, Do not fill in the one that says “any”



    As far as the alignment of the search layout that is dependent on your SLP Style.  If you want to customize the STORE LOCATOR PLUS STYLE you can do that with ProPack. You will need some experience with CSS ort watch the tutorial video

    Under the Any label the directions are:

    If set, prepends this text to select “any category” as an option to the selector. Set to blank to not provide the any selection.

    it is  an option, do you want it on top of the dropdown list or BESIDE the dropdown selector

    Any Category Label

    This is the text that will appear at the top of the categories drop down menu.

    Category Select

    This is the text that will appear in front of the category drop down on the user interface.

    I know it sounds a bit confusing, I will ask Lance for a better way to describe these options,

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    Load file was too big, here is the map output for any the label will go at top of dropdown list

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    Hmm, Kirsten let me think about this, I had it working the other day and now it isn’t, I need to look to see what I may have changed in the meantime since I change things to test them out…stay tuned

    I know Lance changed tagalong to work a new way with premier so let me make sure he didnst inadvertently break something.


    Sorry about the confusion






    I got rid of the “Any Category Label” input but the “Category Select Label” still did not appear. My only problem with the alignment is that the “Category Select Label” will not show up, I do not really feel the need to customize the rest of the search layout and also do not really have the funds to buy ProPack at this time.



    Kirsten, I have reported this to ask the developer to look at it He will be back next week…sorry for the inconvenience.



    Hi Cici,

    Sounds good to me! Please let me know what the developer says.



    It’s on his radar along with a few other things that need to be addressed after his time off.  Thanks for your patience



    Thanks, Cici. Is this the best place to keep checking back about updates to this issue, or is there a better medium for that?



    This is a good place. Also keep an eye on the Info and News, whenever a new version of the plugin or any addons is released we post a blog.  I have added a reminder for his next Tagalong release.

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