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    Hey guys,

    we recently purchased SLP Pro with the Tagalong Addon. We added a few categories to our stores in german, which worked perfectly. But as soon as we translate those categories to english with WPML SLP doesn’t find any of our stores in the english version.

    Is this a known bug or do i have to add something in the settings?




    Please provide information about your plug-in environment as referenced in the Looking for technical support, please provide Plugin environment,


    Please note:There has been a recent update to SLP and the add-ons to version 4.3. To review the changes News and Updates for SLP 4.3

    Specifically for SLP 4,3 a list of fixes and enhancement are referenced in the article from Aug 18 Store Locatro Plus 4.3

    • Enhancement: Better WPML integration through the admin panel settings and info.
    • Enhancement: Updated with explicit WPML version 3.2+ support. Upgrading to WPML3.2+ is recommended.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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