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    I’ve just bought the Pro Pack and Tagalong. I’ve created categories and assigned locations to categories. The drop down list shows next to the search box, however whenever I select a category from the drop down the map does not update. Even when I hit the search button. Please can you advise.

    Thank you very much in advance



    Please provide your Plugin environment as requested in the Posting GUIDELINES... thanx



    Store Locator Plus:4.4.36
    Pro Pack:4.4.04

    This Info Cached:1459851213
    WordPress Version:4.4.2
    Site URL:Can be provided in private message or email

    MySQL Version:5.1.73
    PHP Version:5.3.3

    PHP Limit:2048M
    WordPress General Limit:2048M
    WordPress Admin Limit:2048M
    PHP Peak RAM:92 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:8M






    Did you set  markers under the Tagalong settings?

    What are your settings under search and Results?  Under Experience/Results/At startup?

    Do not check off ” show initial locations at startup” if you wish to have the locations  associated with the categories appear only after  a selection is made under the drop down categories.




    These are the settings for:

    Tagalong Settings: https://goo.gl/lHD251

    Search and Results:

    Are these the correct settings?



    I’m confused, are you using Tagalong to show categories or ProPack to select from tags? I know it is confusing, but tags are not categories. You are showing me your ProPAck settings but you do not have the ProPAck Tags slected to appear in a dropdown menu, you have ” none “. If you are using ProPAck tags and Tagalong categories as in STORE categories together in a drop down it will show everything and the results will have no idea where to go from there. It will fight with each other.

    Use one or the other. They work entirely differently. If all you are using is ProPAck what are you using Tagalong for?
    Your Tagalong screen shot also has :none” selected. How do people know the categories to select from? Do you have a screen shot of what you are trying to achieve as end product.

    See the Tagalog instructions here

    Screenshots of how to use Tagalong and a tutorial is here:

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    Hi Cici,

    I want to use the categories to reflect a drop down that will filter the list. Is tagalong the best option for this? I bought tagalong because it wasn’t clear on the website whether propack offered everything I needed.

    I have the drop down now set to cascading, and the drop down shows on the front, however when you select a category it does not react to the list of location. It just defaults to “No locations found”.

    For the propack, I have it set to none: https://goo.gl/5mhFps

    For tagalong, I have it set to cascading: https://goo.gl/Pbfu07

    I’m not sure, what else I can set to make this work.



    Hi Kishan

    Tagalong is best for that, that setting is correct but you need to also  go under Experience/results and  ‘Do not  check the box “show locations at startup”

    You do not need to check off anything under ProPack, un-check that box and try it again. Make sure your radius is set at a high enough number under the EXP/Results panel as well





    Hi Cici,

    First of all, I’d just like to thank you for your time and patience so far.

    Is it possible to make the category drop down independant of the radius drop down? So if I select the category drop down it automatically updates the list of locations?



    Sure you can do that. First set the radius under EXP/Results to a high number, like 10000. or if world wide even 40,000 , also under that tab, the how mnay results  set to a higher number. Depending on your zoom levels and size of map.

    You don’t have the Experience Add-on so you are limited to how many variations you can do with search and results,

    when you have the Experience Add-on there are a ton of combinations.  But just start with those first.

    If you want to see the additional features you can obtain with Experience add-on check out the SLP Demo  before you decide whether or not to purchase it, I believe there is some Premier settings in the demo too. (Havent used it lately so I am not positive)

    If you like Store Locator Plus and my support please leave a ★★★★★ rating on WordPress.org. A huge thank you !


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