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    Two things regarding tagalong.

    One, I need to recategorize a few hundred stores.  I’m attempting to use the “filter by” option in the “locations” list.  The filter does not seem to work.  I select “in these categories” from the dropdown, and then check off a category, close the dialog box, and click the “Filter” button.  The page reloads, no filtering is done, and the dropdown has reverted to “show all”.  Somewhat related, the “Bulk Actions” fail if you attempt to apply them to more than 500 entries (which makes doing things like deleting 5000 locations very time consuming).

    The other thing is the results display.  I’d really much rather see category names in the results instead of icons.  I don’t think that’s possible without modifying the plugin, but if I’ve missed something, please correct me.

    Lastly, I’m not feeling like a valued customer.  I understand I could in theory pay for premium support, but I don’t like paying to resolve bugs.  Free software, sure I’m all for the developer making money off support services, that’s a totally common business model.  But if I pay upwards of $100 for software and I’m spending my own time working around various issues, it defeats the purpose.

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