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    Hello, I am having some trouble navigating through and understanding exactly what each of your extensions does.


    I need a map that has the following functionality:

    1) Upon landing on the store locator page, map displays no markers, no listed locations, and has a field for user to input their address

    2) store locations can be filtered when they are outside of  a user’s specified radius

    3) some store results are featured and always appear at the top IF they are near to the customer.

    4) Store results display “badges” signifying certain specialties at certain locations

    5) Every store location has its own page, so when a user clicks on the name of a store in the results list, the link takes them to an interior page where more information, images, etc about that store are listed.

    6) Some way of tracking which stores turn up the most in search results.

    7) Stores results list has an option for “get directions to here”


    Let me know if all or some of these features are possible, and which extensions I need to purchase to achieve my goals.


    1. Base plugin (free)  You can opt to leave the locations list blank until the user enters an address or zip code and clicks the find locations button.
    2. Base plugin
    3. Enhanced Results (add-on): Feature and rank locations
    4. Tagalong: (add-on) Display custom per-category map markers
    5. Store pages: (add-on)
    6. Pro Pack (add-on) does some reporting of location search and results
    7. Base plugin

    Check each link to see all the features of each add-on and how they work.

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