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    Hi there –

    Under the “features” for this plugin it’s stated that there is “Location search tracking and reporting, find out what your visitors are looking for”

    Where in the plugin is this administered? I have looked through the settings and so not see any mention of tracking.

    Bill Setzer



    You are looking for ProPACK reports. It would be useful to know what you have installed, could you post yourt Plugin environment in any future posts. See  Posting Guidelines



    Thanks for the response Cici. The site is using SLP version 4.0.030, WordPress 4.3.1

    The site was developed a couple years ago and unfortunately was not kept up to date. I have updated SLP to the most recent version but the public page broke, so I rolled back the update.

    Looks like in order to use the ProPACK, I will have to update SLP correct (release notes say it needs SLP 4.3.08)?



    As a follow up – after updating to the most recent build, here is how the locator behaves:

    You’ll see that only one result appears for each search and the map does not zoom in around the results. As I said, everything worked fine on 4.0.030.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance – I really do love the plugin (as does the client)!



    Hi j, In order for ProPack to work with SLP version 4.3 it also needs to be updated. I am not sure how old your version was but if it was more than 2 years ago there were some version change. I just looked up your profile and noticed today you repurchased the new proPAck.

    When you now use SLP newest version release (as of today 4.3.18) along with ProPack 4.3.02 does that fix your issue? There was a zoom level adjustment whereas now you can fine tune more. That was a few versions ago.

    I just checked your site and the searched around zip 29464 and it worked for me with loads of results. (and is a good site to know about, let us know if you want your site to be featured on our customer list)

    For future updates:
    If you check under your Info Tab in the SLP plugin you will see Plugin news, so if there is ever something that you missed it would most likely be in that blog. Every time there is any product updates we are trying to post a blog ASAP. Lance has also made videos that are intended to be instructional or as a resource. They probably explain the details better than I could.  If you aren’t in the site that often, you can follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feeds.

    I hope all your questions were answered, please let us know. If you like Store Locator Plus please leave a ★★★★★ rating on A huge thank you from Lance and his fellow code geeks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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