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    I just updated Store Locator Plus Version:4.2.10 to Store Locator Plus Version:4.2.16.

    And that removed/disabled the page where I has my [SLPLUS] code. The page with the map is just not existing/displayed. I must do a rollback to get it up again.

    Please advice if there is someting I need to check or do in the new version to make it work.



    This might have someting to do with Store Pages addon. Because all the store pages are there on a list instead for the map. I cant figure outh what have been changed or if I miss some setting.

    slp-pages: active , 4.2.04update avalible

    But there is no update showing in the addon page. After rollback all function as intended but when I recreate my store pages to try find the error the map page [SLPLUS] seems to dissapere and instead all my store pages is listed there.

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    I can’t really figure it out. It seems like the Store Pages override the map page [SLPLUS] in the latest version in some way.


    It might also be a site perma-link problem.

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    Lance Cleveland

    I have tested several installs with SLP 4.2.16 and Store Pages 4.1.02, both are the most recent versions, and have not seen any issues.

    Permalinks were not modified in the 4.2.16 release, or any of the past half-dozen updates to the base plugin.  Something else must have happened.  Another plugin (non Store Locator Plus) or WordPress update, perhaps?

    WordPress 4.0.1 did break a few plugins on my site, and many other WordPress sites, so if your site was auto-updated to 4.0.1 you may want to investigate what other plugins are doing and if they are causing issues.

    I will continue to investigate but I cannot see any problems with the shortcode processing.



    Yes, the 4.0.1 came just before so it can affect also. I continue investigate what can be the problem.



    After some testing today I can recreate the problem!

    It is very strange and I cannot say why its occur but it seems that it is happening after update to WordPress 4.0.1.

    It happends when I use bulk function in SLP create store pages. Then after I used that, the map page with [SLPLUS] is corrupted and just show a list of my locations.

    I am sure I used the bulk function with no problem with WordPress 4.0.0

    This error happends with both 4.2.10 and 4.2.16 version of Store Locator for me so I can only connect it to WordPress 4.0.1. If I do rollback on database the error is gone. If I dont use bulk function SLP create store pages the map page [SLPLUS] is working as expected.

    What I notised is that when upgrading to SL plus 4.2.16 that adds a (one) empty location but that do not affect the problem in this thread.

    Lance, can you please test the bulk function of create store pages from locations and see if the map page dissaperes for you also so we can see if this is a local issue for me or not.

    I currently have 62 locations if that have someting to do with it.



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