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    Hi, I currently have 3.14 – it is telling me that my licence isn’t valid. I discovered this when I tried to add a location and it gave me : “mysql_real_escape_string(): No such file or directory in /home …”. The file shows up in the database, but it won’t geocode (and there’s no longer a geocode option). I used to also have the ability to export, but this is missing from the plug-in as well. I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade, however, I don’t want to upgrade until I back up my current database of stores (some have been added manually after the import of the large .csv file). How can I back up my current list of stores? Thanks.




    Are you saying you have Store Locator Plus 3.14 or WP 3.14?

    If you were using SLP 3.14 you never had the ability to export. That feature was introduced with SLP4 and ProPack and was announced as being in Beta testing in Sept 2013 with SLP 4 also in beta testing. . You should save the csv file you say you already have and use that for import.

    The only orders I see associated with your name (if you are @blueaardvark.ca) was the free forum registration in 2013. Perhaps you were using a different Store locator product at one time I do not see any paid add-ons with your name and to have import or export capabilities you would have ProPack . you cannot mix versions, 3 and 4 of any of our products and there is no longer any support provided for versions 3.

    The ProPack EXPORT functionality was released in 2014 I believe. (Lance posted a blog about it)

    Not sure what to tell you other than I hope you have a copy of your CSV files and you will need to purchase some add-ons to be able to get the site back up and running to import with the  SLP 4.5 base plugin


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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