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    I’m running SLP + add-ons on a site on a multisite install. Since multisite is a pain regarding user registration, I’d like to allow user submitted locations without requiring them to register. I don’t need to collect email addresses or allow them to manage the listings they submit, I just want people to be able to submit without registering. It looks like User Managed Location requires registration. Is there a way to accept user submissions without requiring them to register?



    Unfortunately, this is not possible.
    It is however a nice option to extend the functionality of this add-on.



    I’m needing something along the same lines. As we are compiling a list of locations for a specific service that are nationwide we want the general public to be able to submit locations for admin approval before publishing.

    Any insight in to this?



    Thanks for asking this question.
    There is now a solution in the combination with Gravity Forms.
    The new add-on is called Gravity Forms Integration (see /product/gravity-forms-integration/).
    It allows you to create a Gravity Forms form to present to the visitors. The add-on allows to map GF fields to SLP fields to create new locations as entered by the visitors. You could define whether the locations need to be checked first or whether they are shown directly.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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