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    Hi there,

    on painmaster.com.au I am using the pro pack for tags and enhanced search for australia only (they are the reasons from what I remember)

    I need to duplicate the website onto painmaster.co.nz but want the store locator to look exactly the same.

    What addons do I need to ensure the the front end looks exactly the same and I can have the same functionality as what I have currently on the .com.au site?

    Also, how much CSS will I need to write once I change over the pro pack / enhanced search to the new addons? Will the front end change much?



    You are creating a new site URL? The first thing that has changed this year for everyone, not just Store Locator Plus , is that Google now requires an API console key for any NEW domains as of June 22, 2016.  Your main site if it existed before then is grandfathered in. See the documentation about getting a Google API key if you need one

    1) The number one thing that will influence the looks are the themes, the WP or the customized theme you are using, and

    2) the SLP Plug in style

    3) You would need to copy any  CSS rules to back them up somewhere  on your local drive. The  User interface may look different, all the settings from the Legacy add-ons are available in the  newer add-ons.

    There s a mapping  in FAQ to the Legacy  add-ons to the new add-ons that are 4.6.

    You would want the Power Add-on and the Experience Add-on.

    or Premier that includes all the add-ons

    You can take a hosting survey to get a discount coupon for the add-ons.




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    basically we want to replicate the .com.au to a .co.nz so we have both websites.

    Then we will go about replacing the actual website content in the .co.nz to new content and also replace the locations in the site with new zealand locations.

    So basically if I clone the website over from the .com.au to the .co.nz and then install the Power addon and Experience Addon, it should not change anything in terms of CSS etc?



    That is correct. I would save your css on a local drive as well just to be safe. Make sure you have backed up your site before any major changes per the WordPress recommended best practices.


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