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    I’m looking at using store locator plus as a wine locator.

    There will be markers on a map, if a user clicks on the marker, they will see more information specific to the wine they select. We would probably need to be able to add custom fields to each wine/store for descriptions, images, etc.

    Will Store locator plus work as a solution and if so what extensions would we need to be able to build this?




    Lance Cleveland

    There are already fields to attach an image, description, etc.  There are several extender add-ons that add more fields that may suit what you need.   There is no “wine extender” add-on, so you may need custom fields for that.    The other option is to use the Tagalong premium add-on to categorize locations such as stores that carry specific types of wine.    Tagalong can also create parent/child categories so you can have types of wine sorted by region, type, character, etc. and allow people to sort/select by those attributes.

    All of the attributes can be displayed in the info bubble on the map.  Use Enhanced Map to control that layout and what data is displayed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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