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    My client’s site has an existing map here.

    I’m looking to see if I can use SLP to meet the needs of their other directory pages, here, here, and here (this last directory is probably the best one to look at to see different examples).

    I already have Pro Pack and Enhanced Results.

    What they want to do with these 3 pages are:

    1. Each directory has its own WP page, is invisible to each other, and lists all locations by default. They will need different result labels. (Multi Map?)
    2. List the locations by country then by state, with each country and state having its own header. (Directory Builder?)
    3. Search by store name and optionally state, depending on if it has an option to drill down by country, then state first. Radius should not be used in a search. (Directory Builder?)
    4. Places without location information go into “online storefront” category, the same level as country. (Use tags with Pro Pack? How would theses location get listed if Directory Builder is used?)
    5. “Premium” listings always stays at the top with logo and store bio. (“Featured” checkmark?)
    6. “Standout” listings are mixed in with other results but are bolded and as a store logo. (Will using Pro Pack tags add a different CSS class?)
    7. Social media links (Can I add additional results fields? How do I use icons?)
    8. Badges for different membership levels (Tagalong?)
    9. Don’t display maps (yet – they may change their minds)

    I imagine I can use tags and shortcodes to display different directories independent of each other.

    Is there a demo site that I can play around with instead of making the purchase first?





    You will need Directory Builder and also Social Media Extender, Mulit Map and Tagalong at a minimum. Sorry, we do not currently have a demo site.   There are some informative videos and we are updating the Buyers Guide.



    For future reference: You might want to consider the Premier Add-on if you think the client will be adding more and more requests for additional features. There will be additional releases of add-on Plug-ins that in the future will only be available with


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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