Will China block this plugin b/c of Google code?

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    Hi– I am considering purchasing this for another client because I’ve been so happy with the current install. However, they have people who will be accessing this in China.  I was going to use the option to remove the map and only include the location list because China blocks Google. Does anyone know if people in China will still be able to view the listings or is there something in program that would tip China’s servers off and make them block the site/this page?

    If this plugin is not a solution, does anyone have an idea of what we could use?  Again- would prefer to use this one. 🙂

    Also- if we add it to the site, and it doesn’t work in China, is there an option to get our money back?

    Thanks for any thoughts!




    Hi Angela. Have you checked with Google? I’m not sure if the plugin author would know the answer, but this is an unusual question, and not specific to the plugin code. I’m not even sure if Google would know.



    Hi– Thanks for your response. I have not checked with Google, but need to call an Adwords rep on Monday. Maybe they will be able to give me further info. That’s a good idea.

    I heard back from Lance and he said that he had a developer in China working with him on this and that he never had any issues with the plugin. My clients and I believe we can move forward on the plugin based on that. So, we’re planning to purchase this week. Thanks again for your thoughts on this… we think it’s solved for now, but I think it will also be an on-going question because of the Google API connection.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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