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    I have installed SLP with the pro pack, and created a nice dealer page, based on above and beyond nyloboard rev 01.

    In the “Results Labels” and “Search Labels” I have the English version filled in.

    Now, I want to translate them do French. I know there are some strings available in WMPL, but how do I enter them in the labels, so the use the proper translation?

    Also, Can I enter strings/placeholders in the pro pack locater layout field?




    Hi Michel: I know that François Serrault has done a French Translation for SLP. I’m not a WMPL expert, but that link should provide you with a place to start.

    Let me know any updates on your progress.




    translating is not an issue, displaying it is the problem. How do I display the translated text in the “Results Labels” and “Search Labels”?

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    With the Enhanced Search add-on you can:

    • Change the Search Label
    • Change the Find Button Text
    • Change the text on the Name entry box, City/State/Country selectors, and the first “any” entry on the City/State/Country drop down selectors.
    • Set Placeholder Text

    With the Enhanced Results add-on you can change the labels that prefix the search results data for website, hours, phone, fax, directions, instructions, and the no results message.

    Take a look at those links and let me know if that is what you need.




    Hi Aaron,

    I allready had the labels customized with the “Page Layout Pro Pack”. So I don’t think the enhanced search addon would change a thing. Not that I don’t want to spend money on it, but I think it wouldn’t help…

    SLP should be WMPL compliant as stated on the website, but I just don’t see the strings I want to translate in WMPL.

    Maybe I am not explaining it right, and maybe I don’t even need WMPL.

    What I need is really simple and straight forward. I just want that these boxes have a different value depening on the language:




    I have only run SLP in English, but I have seen sites where it was in other languages, including the buttons and labels. It sounds like you want it to run in  multiple languages. I have not seen that.

    I think that can be accomplished at the browser level, not even part of WP. If the page language is identified as different from the browser, it can offer to translate.

    It’s an interesting topic. Although I don’t have much help for you now, I’ll try to learn about it. Please tell me if you make any progress.

    The plugin author may also have something to add.

    When I Googled WPML compliant, I came up with http://wpml.org/, which you may already know about.




    I have kind of the same problem. But I bought the Enhanced Results add-on and managed to translate the address and radius labels via WPML.

    I also want to translate the button text ‘Find Locations’ but this is not working. Any idea why?




    I just purchased the Enhanced Search Results, and I don’t see how to change the labels on the search results listing.  I don’t want the link to say “website.”  Where do I change it?




    is this about a translation to another language?

    If not please post in a new thread with a topic available in the sidebar and in your post please provide the information as requested in

    Read this before posting in Forum


    greatly appreciated

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