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    I’m developing a WordPress page right now using Store Locator Plus plugins with Premium addons. I want to import categories as file, but I cannot find any documentation specifying which format should I take (like columns arrangement, as I presume it would be a CSV ?! ).

    Would you help me with this? đŸ™‚ Thank you.

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    i agree, the documentation isnt that great, i struggled as well. The easiest i found to do this is putting in one location manually and then exporting it. Make sure you fill out all the fields, even if you don’t really need it so that they all come out when you export. Once you have that one in the system export it and there is your csv with all the headers.

    You can also find the headers in the documentation but I found it easier and less prone to mistakes when using the exported file.

    Good luck!



    Hi Rhian,


    Thank you for your advice. Actually my question target specifically to the “Category Import”, whose screenshot I attached on the original post. The Location importation I’ve tried and so far nothing’s turned out weird yet :).

    I know one way is to just create it one by one in a manager but most likely we’re gonna have a lot of categories (I’m not sure how many but probably considerably big amount), so I’d like to investigate the “import category “



    The column header for me is only called category and there is another one called category slug. Didn’t work for me though until I entered one manually and then exported and then added everything to that csv.

    hope that helps



    Sorry I’m still troubled :(.

    For example how could I export the Store Categories?

    Well I tried to import certain CSV file to the Category Import but it doesn’t take in and doesn’t warn me of any error, mismatched columns etc.



    Sorry, I don’t know then. I can only tell you what worked for me. But I remember having a lot of issues with that one as well and its it explained anywhere in the documentation I believe.



    That’s fine, thanks a lot for sticking and trying to help :).

    Then, I’d wait for someone from SLP themselves or make a mess there to see how it goes.



    Hi all,
    The SLP website was revamped recently and the link under the “learn more” buttons were lost in transition. We are going to be working on revamping and improving the documentation in the near future. The bulk action CSV file format for import should work if you have ProPack installed.

    Read Lances Blog from March 24. /?s=Pro+pack
    that should provide you with a link to the below page.
    dedicated to the import function.


    I hope this helps.

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