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    Our plug-in is working on store locator. On our other sites ( and (, with the same store locator, the plug-in is not working correctly. It is instead of displaying the stores correctly, just directing you to the zip code that you type in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



    <p class=”MsoNormal”>When you type in a location all it does is center it and places a home icon there.(Screen Shot attached).</p>



    Image attached of non-working Store Locator Plus

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    Please provide the information under the Posting Guidelines referenced in Looking for support, posting guidelines
    Read Posting guidelines

    The image you attached does not provide any information that we need to assist you.

    Your attachments do not provide us the versions nor your plug in environments. Imagine you have different settings or different versions from one site vs. another but I cannot see what you are using for settings.
    If you need additional troubleshooting and admin log in to assist you please refer to the Product Support page

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