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    Hi Lance,

    I’m using the SLP plugin and purchased two other premium add-ons in the hope that this plugin will be working with WPML plugin – the SLP is listed among the compatible plugins on the WPML site (https://wpml.org/plugin/store-locator-plus/).

    It turned out that not all the phrases are consistently being translated – the PDF doc with the screenshots is attached. The phrases highlighted in green are translated and the ones highlighted in red are not. You can see on the 2nd page of the PDF doc that the translations are there, they are just not showing on the page.

    The WPML support told me that the problem has to do with the SLP plugin.

    Can you please help with this issue? Please let me know if it’s not resolvable, then I will have to look for another plugin.

    Thank you! Lara



    Hi Larissa,

    You need to provide information abut your SLP environment to get a correct answer. You find it under SLP > Info > Plugin Environment tab. Read more on the forum guide.

    Read Lance post and look at the video here for more information about WPML.
    I think you will get a updated status from Lance or Cici when they see this post.

    The reson for WPML issues is that WordPress is making a major change for the better. Lance have adjusted SLP to mach these changes and thats why some translation is broken for the moment and that can cause other small errors.

    Instead of using plugins or coding all translation in WordPress is going to be handled online in WordPress own database. That means instant access and better translations over time.

    This project is started and up running for the core and some plugins already. SLP is expected to be added in the near future and WP have set a timeline to get all plugins added within 3 months.

    All that are helping with translations login at WP site and start translate as soon they added SLP.

    Read more here: New WP translations



    Hi Piani,

    Thank you for your response. Here is the info you requested.

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.3.11
    Enhanced Search:4.3.01
    Pro Pack:4.3.02
    This Info Cached:1443726991
    WordPress Version:4.3.1
    Site URL:http://pulmonx.schipperweb.com/update/ous
    MySQL Version:5.5.42
    PHP Version:5.4.43
    PHP Limit:256M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:54 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:64M
    PHP Modules:

    I read the post and watched the video. Can anything be done to fix the translation issue now, or does one need to wait for 3 months for a new release?

    Thanks! Lara




    As mentioned short in the video you can manually change textdomain in the language files from ‘csa-slplus’ to ‘store-locator-le’. If that solves your problems direct I dont know.

    Both me and Lance is requesting SLP to be listed for translations on WP.org as soon as possible and hopefully it will show up very soon. But no exact date is given more than the promised “all” plugins to be listed before december.



    Hi Piani,

    How do I change the textdomain in the language files from ‘csa-slplus’ to ‘store-locator-le’?

    Thanks! Lara



    @ Lara
    Check out the INFO page about this, as well as the tutorial video , they might provide you further insight.

    WPML and SLP 4.3.06 INFO and video

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