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    I set the initial zoom = 3 and zoom adjustment = 0 but the zoom was always being changed to 2. I changed the slp.js code line 625 from

    if ( slplus.options.no_autozoom === "1" ) {


    if ( !parseInt(slplus.zoom_tweak)) {

    And that fixed the problem



    My modificaton broke the zoom when the results are shown. It all worked fine after I commented all the zooming and just placed

    this.bounds = bounds;
    this.gmap.fitBounds( this.bounds );
    this.gmap.panBounds( this.bounds );




    You should never have to  hard wire in the JS code line , not sure  why you would do that. What do you  have installed? What is your Plugin environment? Read this to see why we ask for this information and why we cant really help you without it :   Before Posting info  If you are doing you own coding in php or manipulating  js then every time SLP updates you will need to redo everything and there is no guarantee it will work on future updates.

    P.S there is a “do not autozoom feature In Enhanced Map

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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