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Our View On Licenses

We don’t think a lot of time & energy should be spent chasing down how and where you use a license.   A common question “can I use the Pro Pack license on my test site then transfer to the live site”.  Short answer: yes.

Check out the blog post to learn about my views on the plugin licenses.


There are two options for support.  Free or paid.  Please learn about both options on the Support Options page. All questions, other than those directly related to a recent purchase, should be posted at the support forums.   Read the Support Options page for details.


Premier Members that have an active Premier Subscription are given free priority support and will have their member-only forum questions answered first.  Premier Members are invited to follow up via email.

If you are not a Premier Member and have an urgent request or need a developer to troubleshoot your site ,consider purchasing a paid support response.  Product support and general inquiries posted via regular email or in the free forums, or on the WordPress SLP support page ,can take several days to more than a week to get a response.  We get over 150 emails per day and always deal with Premier Member requests, paid support requests, and new order inquiries before addressing general support email.     We try to keep a part time support person on board and ask other SLP site users to help each other, but the current focus is on answering forum posts.

The Forums are the FASTEST way to get FREE answers to questions.

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