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Tagalong (Legacy)


Categorize locations using an extended WordPress category manager.

  • Assign flat or hierarchical categories to your locations.
  • Add category search options to your locator.
  • Create category-specific maps on  your site.
  • Display custom per-category map markers.
  • Display a per-location category icon array in the results.
THIS PRODUCT IS INCLUDED IN THE POWER ADD ON.   The Power Add On has updated category processing features.



Product Description

What Is Tagalong?

Store Locator Plus Tagalong is a premium add-on for the Store Locator Plus base plugin.   This add-on pack adds managed categories to the Store Locator Plus locations.   The managed categories allow for custom per-category map markers and icons which can be enabled on the map interface and in the search results for your locations.

Like all Store Locator Plus add-on packs, Tagalong is an optional side-by-side plugin that works with Store Locator Plus.    The Store Locator Plus add-on packs are true add-ons, extending and augmenting the functionality of the base plugin without modifying or otherwise disrupting active location data you have stored in the Store Locator Plus system.

What Does Tagalong Add?

Tagalong builds on Store Locator Plus to provide the following location results features:

Categorize Your Locations

The primary feature of Tagalong is the ability to categorize your locations using the WordPress category (taxonomy) system.    Tagalong builds on the Store Locator Plus store_page taxonomy that is also used with Store Pages.   Build a “simple flat list” of categories or a hierarchical (parent/child) category structure.  Once you’ve categorized locations with Tagalong you will find some other added benefits on the user interface.

Per-Category Map Markers

Set each category to have a  unique map marker.   Let your site visitors easily identify retail locations and service center locations just by glancing at the map view.  Use the category rank to determine which category is to be used as the map marker.

Per-Category Icons

Assign different icons for each service provided at a location.   Set an icon for each service or facility that is available at a location and display the icon array in the results.   Listing hotels with swimming pools, meeting facilities, or a lounge?    Assign the categories and turn on the icon array to give your site visitor a visual indicator of the services available.   Custom tailor the layout and location of the icon array using Enhanced Results Results Layout settings and Pro Pack Custom CSS settings.

Icon Links

Link your icons to a specific URL and set the target window that the icons should link to such as a new window, the same window, or a named window.

Category Legend

Now that you’ve added all those icons to your categories, tell people what they mean.   Turn on the icon legend and position it on the page layout using the Pro Pack Locator Layout to display the icon array with text labels.

Modify Search

Turn on a simple drop down menu or cascading parent category menu with automatically displayed/hidden child menus for users to filter location results by assigned categories.

Modify Results

Order results by number of categories assigned to a location then by distance gives your locations with more services preferential position on the results list.

Bulk Management of Categories

Tagalong adds bulk assignment and re-assignment of categories via the Location Manager of Store Locator Plus.   Check of the locations and select “Categorize” to assign any of your pre-loaded categories.     Use Pro Pack bulk CSV import to add a categories column to import your categories while loading your locations.    Combine with the Pro Pack export to create an effective method of assigning categories via an external spreadsheet app, then re-import your locations after setting up your Tagalong categories.

For Additional Tagalong search features and functionality check out the  Premier Subscription Add-on

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