Share The Love For Store Locator Plus

Leave a review for SLP on any of the public product review sites  your blog, a post on Reddit or Stack Overflow or any other public community, and share the love. In return we’ll share some Store Locator Plus goodies.

The more creative you are with your “SLP Love” the more creative our show of appreciation will be.    Tell people how you’re using Store Locator Plus.  Create an awesome user experience or style for the locator.    Or leave a helpful review.  Even if we don’t get a glowing 4 or 5 star review, though we always strive for that, all honest feedback and input is useful and helps us to improve.

In return we will be sending out some SLP Logo swag or product discounts.     To get yours just let us know where you’ve published your SLP Love Story , include a shipping address if you would like some swag and we’ll send back some love your way.

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