The next release of Store Locator Plus is wrapping up testing and will be released soon for WordPress Plugins and is on a fast track for release on the MySLP platform within 10 days.

The focus on this update has been bug fixes as well as a rework of the Manage Locations user interface.   The new Manage Locations interface has a faster location editor system based on JavaScript.  This eliminates the extra server posts and page loads when editing a location from the location list.

We also clean up some bugs in this series.  Most notably a bug in the Experience add on that only impacts the WordPress plugin users running version 4.7.10 of Experience (MySLP users are not impacted by this issue) that disabled multiple search and page load features provided by the Experience add on including order by featured, listing featured locations first, state and city filtering and their drop downs among other issues.      Bugs were addressed for Power users with the import duplicates handler.

WordPress User? Help Test

The changes in the 4.8 series are notable and will require that the Experience, Premier, and Power add ons be upgraded to the 4.8 release.  If you are using the WordPress plugins and have a staging server we ask that you test the latest 4.8 beta releases for Store Locator Plus,Experience, Premier, and Power.   MySLP users will automatically get the 4.8 release with all the necessary updates as soon as it passes full testing.

WordPress users of legacy add ons you will need to upgrade to the Experience, Premier, and Power plugins.   Pro Pack, Pages, and Tagalong will not work with 4.8, upgrade to the Power add on.    Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search, Enhanced Results, and the Widget Pack will not work with 4.8, upgrade to the Experience add on.

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