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Store Locator Plus : Add On Update Notifications Fixed

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The latest release of Store Locator Plus, version 4.2.23, fixes the automatic WordPress update notification system for the premium add-on packs. The prior versions would not always report when an update was available for the add-on packs. Without the inline notifications provided by the WordPress admin panel the only option to perform an update was to perform a manual installation. The latest patch will significantly improve premium add-on updates for Store Locator Plus.

In addition to the update notification there were a few other notable patches in the most recent edition of the product. Google API key support has been removed from the product. Since Google JavaScript API V3 was released the API key did not increase map request throughput, including geocoding requests. To increase your API throughput you need to purchase a Google Maps for Business license. Google Maps for Business client ID and secure keys are supported in the product. Research is underway to utilize other third party, and less costly, alternatives for geocoding and map lookup request limit increases. Charleston Software Associates is also working on a service to “rent” increased geocoding request through the CSA Google OEM license. Watch this news feed for future announcements on those services and product updates.

SLP 4.2.23 General Settings
SLP 4.2.23 General Settings : Google API Key removed, Google Maps for Business supported.

Also, in this release, DeBaat provided patches that fix the shortcode attributes for homeicon and endicon, allowing each WordPress page or post that uses the [[slplus]] shortcode to override the default icons for the home and destination markers.

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