For our WordPress users, next week will mark the two-year anniversary of our move away from our “Legacy Add Ons” to our newer Premier, Power, and Experience add ons.  We made this change back in the fall of 2015 for many reasons including:

  • less plugin overhead on customer sites
  • fewer upgrade notices for customers
  • better interoperability between our add ons
  • better performance from the add ons
  • less overhead for development/testing/support
  • more time to focus on adding features and improving our service.

During the transition we retained backwards compatibility as long as possible.  Our more popular plugins, such as the Pro Pack, were fully compatible with the latest updates to the base plugin for 18 months after our announcement that legacy add ons would not be supported with newer updates to Store Locator Plus.

As we upgraded the core engine of Store Locator Plus, customers  could keep the older version of the base Store Locator Plus plugin installed and retain full functionality of their paid legacy add ons.     Sites that upgraded to a newer base plugin, end users LOVE To click those red-notification upgrade buttons, could revert back to an older version of Store Locator Plus and restore the additional functions their paid add ons provided.

Enter WordPress 4.8.2

WordPress 4.8.2 was an automated patch release.   Millions of websites were automatically upgraded to the new release of WordPress and many started to show various problems.    While this was deemed a “basic security update” it turns out that WordPress changed a fundamental functional element in the database engine.   While some plugins and themes were not affected, many were including million-plus installs of plugins such as JetPack and Yoast.

Store Locator Plus was one of the affected plugins.  Like JetPack and Yoast, we issued a patch within 48 hours of the “WordPress 4.8.2 surprise”.  It resolved the few things that stopped working within the plugin.   Luckily for most customer features were not impacted.   However the patch did impact the part of the core Store Locator Plus engine that manages extended data.      That meant it impacted ALL of our most popular add ons from both the “Legacy Era” and the newer Power, Premier, and Experience add ons.

Upgrading Store Locator Plus

If you upgrade to WordPress 4.8.2 you must upgrade to Store Locator Plus 4.8.6 or newer.    However, upgrading Store Locator Plus to 4.8.6 will mean any legacy add ons will no longer work.    You MUST replace your legacy add ons with one of our three primary offerings to restore full functionality of those add ons provided.

For Pro Pack (CSV imports), Tagalong (categorization), Pages (SEO ready pages for each location), Directory Builder, and Contact Extender you will need the Power add on.

For Enhanced Search (customize the search form), Enhanced Map (map interaction options), Enhanced Results (customize the results layout), and the Widget Pack you will need the Experience add on.

Yes, our new add ons are no longer selling for the bargain-basement $30 or $50 prices.   They contain far more features than any of the separate plugins provided, combining all of the features of several plugins that people most-often purchased together.    They add some new features over the combined legacy add ons , work faster and work better together.

If you upgraded to WordPress 4.8.2 you need to upgrade to Store Locator Plus 4.8.6.   If you are still using an add on that has been marked Legacy and “end of life” for the past 24+ months you will need to replace it with Power, Experience, or Premier.

Keep in mind that the Premier Subscription is the only way to get the Premier add on.  The Premier add on includes special functionality such as cluster map markers, basic territory support, and additional search/map/results interface features.  It includes ALL of our add ons as well as priority support and live chat via our Slack channel.

MySLP Service

User of our MySLP service do not have to worry about these issue.   The deployment of Store Locator Plus is managed by a simple JavaScript embed on any web presence platform or mobile app.    We have already taken care of implementing the core ending patches and upgrading all the pieces after extensive regression testing.    The MySLP service is now running version 17.11 with all of the latest Store Locator Plus features.

If you are already using our WordPress Store Locator Plus products and would like to get rid of the hassle of maintaining updates and managing the plugins please contact us for assistance in migrating to the MySLP service.   The four levels of our MySLP monthly subscription service include Advanced (the base plugin), Power (base + Power add on), Professional (base + Power + Experience), and Enterprise (base + Power + Experience + Premier).    All MySLP users enjoy priority email support and our Enterprise users also get live chat and migration support included in their subscription.

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