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SLP version 4.8 released : Required Update to Experience, Power and Premier add-ons


Store Locator Plus has been updated  to  feature new styles, while  removing old JavaScript commands that were left in the core base plug-in for the sole purpose of supporting the Legacy add-ons.  This release has finalized the process of  phasing out of the Legacy add-ons.

The last two  Legacy hold outs, ProPack and Tagalong are not compatible with version 4.8 of SLP.  Both of these legacy add-ons have been included with the Power Add-on which was released over a year ago.

Manage Locations UX has been updated: uses WordPress-standard Screen Options to set number of locations to show on a page and show/hide columns.

  • Manage Locations Edit / Add has been updated: uses JavaScript interface and overlay windows to edit locations.
  • Adding a location via the Manage Locations form no longer requires the store name to be set.
  • Lighten the data load going to the JavaScript front end to alleviate browser congestion and improve performance.
  • Uses minified JS for slp_core if available.
  • Patch to fix the Power Add On CSV Import duplicate handler.
  • Patch to deal with Experience Add On hide_search_form shortcode issue.
  • New Smart Option interface for add ons reduces redundant code.
  • Tagalong is no longer compatible with SLP, upgrade to the Power Add On.

Note: Premier, Power and Experience add-ons  that were versions lower then 4.8 will be deactivated . You must update those either through the auto updater in the WP admin panel or by logging into your account, downloading and updating manually.

Store Locator Plus – Ready For 2017

Our new Store Locator Plus home page may be the most visible thing you’ll notice to kick of 2017.     It is the “tip of the iceburg” as we push our locator technology and software platform to new limits over the next year.   Charleston Software Associates and DevriX are continually improving our new SaaS version of the popular locator software and bringing a lot of those great new interfaces and features back to the WordPress plugins that got us here.
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