WordPress users have long known about the Store Locator Plus plugin.   Five years later it is closing in on the half-million downloads mark and is deployed on over 14,000 active sites today.  It has become one of the top-rated and most-downloaded map plugins for WordPress thanks to the extensive feature set and regular updates.

Store Locator Plus now brings its full-featured locator service to Squarespace.   The recently-launched My Store Locator Plus service builds on the years of experience behind the WordPress offering to create a “drop and go” option for all websites.    Any Squarespace theme can easily deploy a custom-tailored locator by using the embed feature.  You can read more about that process and follow the video on our Squarespace Integration support page.

How To Deploy On Squarespace


A number of sites are already deploying their MySLP locations map on Squarespace using the embed feature.   Part of our ongoing One Step platform integration initiative includes a road map to make deployment even easier for web and mobile app building platforms.   We are currently reviewing the API and native Squarespace object options for deploying MySLP directly as a native object.

The Advanced level of service is free through January 2018 for all users.   Users of the Professional and Enterprise levels of service enjoy added benefits such as bulk import of locations, cluster map markers, location categorization, and territories support.


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